There is an API for all functions on 0wx.org you can use for scripting or console based commands.

The API is located at https://0wx.org/0wx/api.cgi and the query parameters are:

This API is actually in development. Some functions will not work at the moment or will not behave as expected. Use at OWN risc!

*** pastebin: This is the pastebin function. Available VARS: type,data,valid.
*** rawpaste: Retrive an existent paste in RAW. Available VARS: data.
*** translate: Do the multilanguage translate to . Defaults to en_US. Available VARS: data,lc.
*** tinyurl: This is the tinyURL function. Available VARS: data,valid,key,mask.
*** hugeurl: Function for the tremendous large URL. Available VARS: data,valid.
*** highlight: List all available highlighting strings.
*** ip: This is the IP/Browser inforamtion function.
*** whois: This is the WHOIS query function. Available VARS: data.
*** zone: Do an AXFR query for given domain. Available VARS: data.
*** upload: This is the uploader. Available VARS: resize,data,hash,user,album.
*** auth: Use this to authen you against the API with your 0wx credentials. Available VARS: user,pass.
*** list: List all your files stored on 0wx. Available VARS: user,hash,album.
*** get: Request thumbnails for your files listet with list by giving a comma separated list of hashes. Available VARS: user,hash,data.

* q -- the query, can be one of this (pastebin|rawpaste|translate|tinyurl|hugeurl|highlight|ip|whois|upload|auth|list|get)
* out -- Set the output to one of this (xml|json|plain) - If nothing is given it defaults to plain
* type -- the highlight keyword for a pastebin
* resize -- the dimension in width x height for resizing images while uploading a file
* album -- albumname when uploading a file of an existent album. If not existent it will be created.
* valid -- keep empty or write 0 for infinite. Examples: seconds: 123 / minutes: 5m / hours: 1h
* data -- the content of a file/pastebin, the URL to encode, the IP/domain for whois/zone-query, a single pastebinhash or a comma separated filehash-list
* mask -- the 0wx URI of the tinyurl you want to edit (URI menas the portion after 0wx.org/ for eg. https://0wx.org/ABC123 -> URI is "ABC123"
* key -- a user-defined key for tinyurl. It may contain \x20-\x7E or be empty. This can be used to edit your tinyurl without changing the 0wx URI
* hash -- the authentication hash you got (Your session TTL is 300 seconds)
* user -- Your username for auth and hash
* pass -- Your password for authing
* lc -- Language Code for translation
-- You may want to take a look at the supportet languagecodes https://0wx.org/0wx/api.cgi?q=lc

~ All parameters should be application/x-www-form-urlencoded. You may also use multipart/form-data.
~ You may use GET or POST, but POST is recomended.
~ For authing you can use only POST and HTTPS for security reasons.
~ For uploading you should use only POST because GET has limited size on the vars and otherwise you had to convert the whole file in urlencode.
~ Charset will be one of ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-15 or UTF-8. Look at the Content-Type.
~ The list command is answered in XML/1.0. No other formats available.
~ The request for thumbnails is answered in MIME multipart/mixed and Transfer-Encoding base64.

# Exmaple: https://0wx.org/0wx/api.cgi?q=tinyurl&valid=1m&data=http%3a%2f%2fwww%2eexample%2ecom%2findex%2ehtml

Pastebin: Download https://0wx.org/0wx/pastebin.sh for use of pastebin. Don't forget to "chmod 755 pastebin.sh".
Usage: Type ./pastebin.sh --help to get a brief explanaiton how to invoke.
-- You may want to take a look at the supportet keywords https://0wx.org/0wx/api.cgi?q=highlight

TinyURL: Download https://0wx.org/0wx/tinyurl.sh for use of tinyurl. Don't forget to "chmod 755 tinyurl.sh".
Usage: Type ./tinyurl.sh --help to get a brief explanaiton how to invoke.

IP Information: Download https://0wx.org/0wx/ip.sh for use of IP information. Don't forget to "chmod 755 ip.sh".
Usage: Type ./ip.sh --help to get a brief explanaiton how to invoke.

File upload: Download https://0wx.org/0wx/upload.sh for using the file upload. Don't forget to "chmod 755 upload.sh".
Usage: Type ./upload.sh --help to get a brief explanaiton how to invoke.

List files: Download https://0wx.org/0wx/list.sh for using the file list. Output is XML/1.0. Don't forget to "chmod 755 list.sh".
Usage: Type ./list.sh --help to get a brief explanaiton how to invoke.

WINDOWS: There is available a windows interface for use with GUI and CLI. {Thanks to Excid (SirExcid@gmail.com) for this work. Please report bugs and requests direct to him.}
Download: ZIP-file [https://0wx.org/0wx/winapi.zip], GZIP-file [https://0wx.org/0wx/winapi.tar.gz].
-- You need at least .Net Framework 3.5 for this to work.

/* still developing, take a look here tomorrow ... */
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