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Welcome to the free Jabber server at 0wx.org -- we hope you enjoy this service! For information about how to use Jabber, visit the Jabber User's Guide at http://www.jabber.org/

Contact: admin@0wx.es over XMPP or root@0wx.es via mail.

Location: Madrid, MA, España

Privacy: No more information is collected and stored than what is absolutely necessary. Rosters, vcards, offline messages, and so forth. If you delete your account all of them will get purged. There are no logs.

Uptime: As much as possible. No guarantees.

Domains: Pick one of the following: 0wx.es, 0wx.org, 0wx.eu, 0wx.re, 0wx.net, 0wx.cat

Register: Connect with any XMPP-enabled IM-client and just create your own account.

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