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NOTE: Everyone on the internet can query this information by simply tipyng '$ host -Zal domain.tld' in a shell. We do not store any of this data.

amazonaws.com AXFR record query refused by u1.amazonaws.com
amazonaws.com AXFR record query refused by u2.amazonaws.com (r1.amazonaws.com) read answer length: Connection reset by peer (r2.amazonaws.com) read answer length: Connection reset by peer
amazonaws.com AXFR record not found, try again
No nameservers for amazonaws.com responded

amazonaws.com.          3593    IN    SOA    pdns1.ultradns.net. hostmaster.amazon.com. (
            2014065014    ;serial (version)
            180    ;refresh period (3 minutes)
            60    ;retry interval (1 minute)
            2592000    ;expire time (4 weeks, 2 days)
            3593    ;default ttl (59 minutes, 53 seconds)
amazonaws.com.          861    IN    NS    u1.amazonaws.com.
amazonaws.com.          861    IN    NS    u2.amazonaws.com.
amazonaws.com.          861    IN    NS    r1.amazonaws.com.
amazonaws.com.          861    IN    NS    r2.amazonaws.com.
amazonaws.com.          900    IN    MX    10 amazon-smtp.amazon.com.
amazonaws.com.          900    IN    A
amazonaws.com.          900    IN    A
amazonaws.com.          900    IN    A
amazonaws.com AAAA record currently not present
amazonaws.com.          900    IN    TXT    "spf2.0/pra include:amazon.com ~all"
amazonaws.com.          900    IN    TXT    "v=spf1 include:amazon.com ~all"
amazonaws.com.          900    IN    TXT    "pf2vv39dfkf9tszsg5lggfs6tp6bkjn4"
_dmarc.amazonaws.com.    300    IN    TXT    "v=DMARC1; p=none; sp=none; pct=100; rua=mailto:aws-marketing-email-dmarc-rua-reports@dmarc.amazonaws.com; ruf=mailto:aws-marketing-email-dmarc-ruf-reports@dmarc.amazonaws.com"
www.amazonaws.com.      7200    IN    CNAME    rewrite.amazon.com.
rewrite.amazon.com.     60    IN    A
www.amazonaws.com.      7200    IN    CNAME    rewrite.amazon.com.
rewrite.amazon.com AAAA record currently not present
www.amazonaws.com.      7200    IN    CNAME    rewrite.amazon.com.

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