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NOTE: Everyone on the internet can query this information by simply tipyng '$ host -Zal domain.tld' in a shell. We do not store any of this data. (ns-1670.awsdns-16.co.uk) read answer length: Connection reset by peer (ns-27.awsdns-03.com) read answer length: Connection reset by peer (ns-967.awsdns-56.net) read answer length: Connection reset by peer (ns-1321.awsdns-37.org) read answer length: Connection reset by peer
amazonaws.com AXFR record not found, try again
No nameservers for amazonaws.com responded

amazonaws.com.          303    IN    SOA    dns-external-master.amazon.com. hostmaster.amazon.com. (
            2017224478    ;serial (version)
            180    ;refresh period (3 minutes)
            60    ;retry interval (1 minute)
            604800    ;expire time (1 week)
            900    ;default ttl (15 minutes)
amazonaws.com.          876    IN    NS    ns-967.awsdns-56.net.
amazonaws.com.          876    IN    NS    ns-1321.awsdns-37.org.
amazonaws.com.          876    IN    NS    ns-1670.awsdns-16.co.uk.
amazonaws.com.          876    IN    NS    ns-27.awsdns-03.com.
amazonaws.com.          303    IN    MX    10 amazon-smtp.amazon.com.
amazonaws.com.          302    IN    A
amazonaws.com.          302    IN    A
amazonaws.com.          302    IN    A
amazonaws.com AAAA record currently not present
amazonaws.com.          302    IN    TXT    "pf2vv39dfkf9tszsg5lggfs6tp6bkjn4"
amazonaws.com.          302    IN    TXT    "spf2.0/pra include:amazon.com ~all"
amazonaws.com.          302    IN    TXT    "atlassian-domain-verification=ZT4AapXgobCpXIWoNcd7gtMjZyOUdr4EDFMnFUWrqqqgdaQVbDvoGpRaIwj/tgPH"
amazonaws.com.          302    IN    TXT    "v=spf1 include:amazon.com ~all"
_dmarc.amazonaws.com.    300    IN    TXT    "v=DMARC1; p=quarantine; sp=none; pct=100; rua=mailto:aws-marketing-email-dmarc-rua-reports@dmarc.amazonaws.com; ruf=mailto:aws-marketing-email-dmarc-ruf-reports@dmarc.amazonaws.com"
www.amazonaws.com.      4477    IN    CNAME    rewrite.amazon.com.
rewrite.amazon.com.     60    IN    A
www.amazonaws.com.      4477    IN    CNAME    rewrite.amazon.com.
rewrite.amazon.com AAAA record currently not present
www.amazonaws.com.      4477    IN    CNAME    rewrite.amazon.com.

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